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Ijima-ya is one of the traditional shops and restaurants famous for freshwater fish cuisine, such as Tsukudani, fish and shellfish boiled in sweetened soy sauce, and Una-jyu, broiled eel served over rice in a lacquered box. In particular, here you can taste natural eels of Kasumigaura growth which are small in number these days. Ijima-ya has shop and restaurant. But, more than likely, the restaurant (Lunch only) is not so highly visible. However, the taste of natural eels which you can enjoy at the Japanese-style room where is in the back is exceptional and also the atmosphere is so comfortable, just like being at home.
The season of the natural eels is from May to October. As for the natural eels, reservation is required. Call 0120-03-6108, or 029-821-6108. It's approx. 10 min. by taxi from JR Tsuchiura station east side exit. Closed on Wednesday. (Temporary closure is likely. Please confirm.)

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 800x517 58,242 Bytes
 800x517 58,242 Bytes
EEL grilled without seasoning

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