Experience IBARAKI

*  * IBARAKI Airport in the countryside continues to evolve, STEP BY STEP !

When Ibaraki Airport opened on March 11th, 2010, only two airline services for Seoul, South Korea and Kobe, Japan were available.
So, it was rumored that the airport would be closed soon because of ever-growing deficit. However, to my surprise, after two and half years
the airport is still living ! Moreover, it continues to evolve as an airport which corresponds to Low-Cost Carrier. Actually, Ibaraki Airport received a prize of "Low Cost Airport of the year 2011" from Australia.

Although the flight between Seoul and Ibaraki is now suspended unfortunately, the flight between Shanghai and Ibaraki is available everyday except Wednesday instead. In addition, the domestic flight is available for Kobe, Sapporo and Naha everyday !

Why don't you experience the Ibaraki Airport which is located in the middle of countryside ? It is full of strange attractions as an ecological and simple airport, just like the "Field of Dreams."

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Airport Building
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Check-in Counter
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Chartered Flight
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Visitors at
observation deck
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Grand floor hall

*  Fishing Sailboat of Kasumigaura

Fishing Sailboat

Fishing Sailboat of Kasumigaura, or Hobikisen in Japanese, is a unique fishing boat, peculiar to Kasumigaura Lake of IBARAKI prefecture, which draw a fishing net sidewards using wind power. The graceful white sail swelled by the wind reminds us the wing of swan.
Hobikisen was invented in 1880 by Orimoto Ryohei, inventor of Kasumigaura, and had been used for fishing of smelt and ice fish. Before that, two or three fishing boats and around 20 fishermen were required to draw a net. However, by using Hobikisen, only two or three fishermen and a boat could draw a net.
Hobikisen had been not only the star of the local fishery but also very popular among people because of its graceful shape until it was replaced by a trawler in 1967.

Hobikisen is the only fishing boat in the world which drift sidewards to draw a net, not go straight from stern to bow, by setting the sail in parallel with the body of the boat. Since lifting power arises on sail by the same principle as the kite, the Hobikisen could run very fast just like gliding on the water and chase the fish.
Hobikisen revived in 1971, for sightseeing, so you can see the graceful shape from escort ship accompanying closely. Now, this is the only place in the world where you can see the remarkable net fishing closely. It's the must see sight. Don't miss it ! The operation schedule in 2010 is as follows :

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