*Spa Resort Hawaiians/Iwaki Yumoto

Why don't you enjoy a Hawaiian Holiday here, in the vicinity
of IBARAKI, with a glass of cocktail ?

Iwaki Yumoto has been very famous as one of the three oldest hot-spring resorts in Japan since 1000 years ago. But now, Yumoto is famous for its feature, Spa Resort Hawaiians. Actually, there are many massive facilities here one never tires of playing on. For example, how about to play at five Theme Parks all day long ? The concept is just HOT-SPRINGS ! Old Japanese style open-air bath, having an entry in the Guinness Book for the biggest open-air bath in the world, reminds us the public bath with an Edo atmosphere. On the other hand, a big indoor Hot-Spring Pool with three kinds of water slides is so fantastic ! The inside of the big dome is kept 28 deg.C all year round. When my children were young, they loved the thrilling water slides so much and so did I. Also, here you can enjoy the Polynesian Show and Magic Show without any additional fee (entrance fee only). In addition, there are 18 restaurants, fast food shops, stands and bars in this Resort.  Have fun !

Access :

From MITO station to Yumoto station, it takes only 1 hr by limited express, JR Joban line. From Yumoto station to Spa Resort Hawaiians, free shuttle bus services are available. It takes only 10 minutes. Taxis are also available.

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