What's IBARAKI ? (* Mark & photos are cited from the official HP of Ibaraki Prefecture.)

Ibaraki Prefecture

A decorative design of the prefectural flower, Rose.


The official name, Ibaraki, comes from the Japanese name of Rose.


Japanese plum, or Japanese apricot.
Kairaku-en in Mito, one of the three most famous gardens in Japan, is very famous
for its Plum Festival.


Skylark, which is very popular in the fields of the prefecture.


Flatfish, which is very popular near the shore of the prefecture.

6,093 km2. Nearly equal to that of Palestine.
More than 60% of the area is flat land. Approx. 3 million. Nearly equal to that of Kuwait.
Number of persons from abroad is approx. 60 thousand. Mito. Located in the center area of the prefecture. Around 120 km northeast of Tokyo.
It's famous as the hometown of the Last Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu.

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